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Sunday School
Sunday School
January 27, 2019

The Works of God

Study Text:  John 9:1-52

Scholar's Printed Text:  John 9:1-3,6,13-16,39-41

Key Verse

"He answered and said, A man that is called Jesus made clay, and anointed mine eyes, and said unto me, Go "
(John 9-11)

Lesson Objectives

To understand the importance of the true identity of Jesus
To move from speculation about Jesus to commitment to Jesus
To be willing to speak up for Jesus

Daily Bible Reading

S.  John 7:1-13
  M.  John 7:14-19
 T.  John 7-20-24
  W.  John 7-25-29
 T.  John 7:30-34
  F.  John 7:35-42
  S.  John 7:43-52


Kenny Jeffrey
Sunday School

Jerry Samson
Asst. Superintendent

              Adult Class
     Sunday School Teacher
        Bill Wooten III  

    Assistant Robert Kuenzel

Larry Brammer
Young Adult Class Teacher

Assistant Garth Hensley
Garth Hensley
Prayer Meeting Leader

Church Clerk                     Karen Jeffrey
Church Secretary              Claudine Maynard

Sunday School Secretary  Shawn Jeffrey
Teachers:        Bill Wooten III                  Candis Ellis
                         Larry Brammer                Shannon Sheppard
                         Garth Hensley                   Teresa Hager
                         Rob Kuenzel                      Linda Cox
                         Kenny Jeffrey                    Karen Wooten
                         Mark Curry                       Valerie McCarthy
                         Debbie Evans                    Ronica Hensley
                         Cathy Duncan                    Shawn Propst             
                         Dixie Long
Toddlers Class - Karen Wooten Teacher - Asst. Shawn Propst and Valerie Rodighiero
Primary Class - Teachers:  Debbie  Evans and Shawna Jeffrey
Sisters Candis Ellis and Debbie Evans are now having a children's church in the sanctuary before class dismissal and they do a wonderful job.  
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