Flash: ON   December 14, 2018 
William Wooten III, Donsil Mullins, Wallace Williamson, James C. Worf, Paul Evans, Clyde Dickinson, John Collins, Robert Kuenzel and Millard Bo Ellis

 Wallace and Beulah Williamson.  Wallace was ordained January 14, 1961. 
He is the senior member on our Deacon Board



Paul Evans (Chairman) was ordained as Deacon on June 8, 1975.  He is on the Usher Board and he and his wife, Deborah, are active members of the Sunday School teaching staff.





Donsil and Betty Mullins.  Donsil has been a faithful servant in the office of Deacon since June 8, 1975.  He also serves as the Sunday School Superintendent.





Millard 'Bo' and Dorothy Ellis. Bo, ordained October 10, 1986, also serves as the church treasurer.




William III and Karen Wooten.  Bill was ordained February 11, 1990.  In addition to serving Chairman of the Deacon Board,  he is also the Adult Bible Class teacher in Sunday School and alternates with Larry Brammer as teacher of the Wednesday evening Prayer Meeting.   




Robert is on the Deacon Board and also serves as Leader of the Central Youth Group.  He  was ordained December 15, 2002.  He and his wife, Theresa are very active with the youth program of the church.  




John and Lana Collins.  John was ordained September 26, 1993.  He recently retired from the custodian position of our church after many years of faithful service.



Clyde Dickenson (Bud) and his wife Laverne
Ordained in 7/31/71
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