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In Honor to Veterans
CUBC  Military Honor Roll
Adams, David                                    Justice, A.C, *       Wooten, William Bill SR.*

Adams, Donald*                                 Lambert, Cecil*       Worf, J.C.*

Adams, Woodrow (Woody)                Lanthorne, David*

Adams, Roger*                                    Long, Gwen*
Adkins, Dick*                                       Marsh, Phillip*

Adkins, Raymond*                              Maynard, Barnard*

Blankenship Darwin                            McCloud, Bill*

Bowery, Joe*                                         Meade, William Bill*

Brammer, Larry                                     Mounts, Veron

Browning, Jesse                                      Mullins, Donsil

Brumfield, Lassie*                                  Napier, Almos*

Clark, Fred                                               Napier, Harvey*

Counts, Jake*                                           Nicholas, Ray*

Cox, Edward                                             Padgett, Bob*

Creger, Jack*                                             Payne, Ed*

Curry, Bill*                                                Porter, Jim*

David, Luther*                                           Ramey, Larry

Dingess, Fred*                                            Samson, Elba

Ellis, Everett*                                              Samson, Luther*

Evans, Edwin*                                             Steele, Jack*

Godby, Cecil*                                               Varney, Jennings*

Gore,  Lonnie SR.*                                       Vranch, Steve*

Hale, David                                                    White, Danny*

Hall, Joe SR.                                                   White, Rev. Glenn*

Hanks, Frank*                                                Williamson, Wallace*

Hanshaw, Phillip*                                           Wooten, Howard*                                                          



Central United Baptist Church

Special Ceremony to Honour Veterans 
and Widows of Veterans on July 6, 2008 

Our previous, Pastor Rev. Glenn White, Jr. ,faithfully served as Central United Baptist Church Pastor from June 22, 1957-July 2011 (pictured).  It's an honor to continue  recognizing him for his faithful service to our Country.

                "If I take the wings of the morning,

             and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea;

                  even there shall thy hand lead me,

                  and Thy right hand shall hold me."

                             Psalm 139:  9-10

Click to read, "Missing In Action" by Rev. Glenn White, Jr

Staff Sergeant Glenn I. White, Jr., 1944

Click to read , "Lt. George Kramer" by Rev. Glenn White, Jr

 2012 Prayer Honoring Veterans of our church with  Pastor Randy and Children's Church
Bro. Danny White Lighting of the Candles

Rev. Glenn White (front row) second from the right

The following newspaper clips and photos are of our dear Pastor Glenn White, Jr. (retired)


Pearl Harbor survivor Houston James

                  of Dallas embraced Marine Staff Sgt. Mark Granunke Jr.

                during a Veterans Day commemoration in Dallas.

 Graunke lost a hand, a leg, and an eye 

 when he defused a bomb in Iraq. 

Images of U.S. troops in combat in Fallujah

deepened the day's significance

for many who attended tributes

held in San Diego and across the nation. 

Associated Press

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