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Central United Baptist Church

304 239-2457
On the Holden Road
P. O. Box 1558

Logan, West Virginia  25601


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Synopsis of Faith







1.     We believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the infallible Word of God, given to man by inspiration of the Holy Ghost.  (II Tim. 3:16, II Peter 1:21);

2.     We believe the Scriptures to furnish an all-sufficient rule of faith and practice for Christians in all the world.  (Romans 1:17, 10:11, 12:14;  Galatians 6:16; Phil 3:16);

3.     We believe Christians must look to the New Testament as their only rule of faith and practice.  (Hebrews 9:17; Eph 2:15);

4.     We believe in only one true and living God, in Jesus Christ His Son, and the Holy Ghost as revealed in the Scriptures of both the Old and New Testaments.

5.     We believe sin entered the world by the sin of one man, Adam, and death by sin passed upon all (Romans 5:12,19);

6.     We believe in the necessity of regeneration of begetting with the Word of Truth.  (James 1:18; John 1:1,3; I Peter 1: 2,3);

7.     We believe in the necessity of a New Birth as a means of entering into the Kingdom of God, (John 3:5; Matt 7:21);

8.     We believe that repentance and conversion are essential before baptism.   (Acts 2:28, 3:19);

9.     We believe this is accomplished by the faithful preaching of the Gospel, Matt 28:19,20;  Mark 16: 15,16);

10.     We believe baptism to be the immersion of a penitent believer in water as a line of distinction between the world and the church.  (Mark 1:4,5; Acts 2:38; Acts 8:36,39; I Cor. 10:2, 12:13; Gal 3:27);

11.     We believe the Lord's Supper and feet washing are ordinances of Jesus Christ and commanded by Him to be obserced by His Church till He comes again.  (Matt 26:27; I Cor. 11:26; John 13:4-7; I Peter 2:21);

12.     We believe in the resurrection of the bodies, both of the just and the unjust, and that the happiness of one and the punishment of the other will be alike-eternal (John 5:28; Acts 24:15; Matt 25:46; I Cor. !5:20,42,44);

13.     We believe converted, born-again believers in Jesus Christ must be faithful in their stewardship until death or until the Lord returns in order to be eternally saved.  (Matt 10:22,24,13; Mark 13:13; I Cor. 4:2; Rev 2:10,22:14).


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